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Bundle Note Counting Machine (Desktop) TURBO-GX

Bundle Note Counting Machine (Desktop) TURBO-GX

Xtraon Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counting Machine TURBO-GX

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Product Description

XTRAON Bundle Note Counting Machine - TURBO-GX

A currency note counter designed for heavy duty applications and packed with a host of user-friendly features. A state of the art product, it can not only count crisp new notes, but also soiled old ones. All this with a high degree of accuracy and speed. This eliminates the time and inconvenience of manual counting.

Additional Information

  Free Mode - Enables counting of all the notes placed in stacker. 

 Batch Mode - Enables counting in batches. 

 Check Mode - Enables checking numbers as per the pre set value 

 Stamp Mode - Stamps OK after checking.


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       Model Number
       Counting Mechanism
      Dimensions (W x D X H)
355 x 450 x 240
      Weight (approx.) (Approx mm)
35 Kg
      Counting Speed / 100 notes
4 Sec. (approx.)
      Notes Capacity
150-200 notes (Depends on note condition)
      Power Consumption
380 W (approx.)
      Power Source
AC 230V +/- 10%Hz
       Types of notes
Stapled / Banded 
Dual LED Display: 4/3 digits Size range of Notes 
       Minimum Note Size
45mm x 100mm
       Maximum Note Size
100mm x 240mm

 Dual LED display i.e. batch size and counting number - One can see the batch size as well as the current counting at the same time.


 Sophisticated diagnostics helps to rectify faults and error within the machine. 

 Feather touch keypad - Makes entering/operating the system effortless. 

 Unique cut off system which stops the machine during voltage fluctuations and prevents it from major damage. 

 Unique dust removing system - To enhance the counting accuracy. 

 Machine can be operated on two different modes, auto or manual.

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